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What to Consider When Choosing the Floor for a Condo Unit

One of the factors which can persuade people to choose living in a condominium like the Paya Lebar Quarter over a regular house is they can choose their living place according to the height. The unit is located on the top floor may offer an amazing view, but you need extra effort to reach tit. While the unit is located on the ground floor has the fastest access, but also has a noisy atmosphere. So, as a potential investor of the condominium, you have to pay attention really close to the position of the floor on which your unit will be for each position of the condo units has its own advantages and disadvantages. In order to avoid making any mistake in choosing condo floor that can be suitable for you and your family, follow these tips was the following:

Select the ground floor if…

The sale value of condo units located on the bottom floor is not inferior to the units on the top of the building. However, you can still get a beautiful view by selecting the unit directly opposite the swimming pool or pond. But the majority of people chose downstairs because of its access to the exit is a lot easier thus they can save their time and effort.

Especially for you who want to occupy the bottom floor, you should try not to select units located around the entrance of the building, public facilities, emergency stairs, and elevators. This is done to avoid the noisy atmosphere that can give you stress. The low position is also highly recommended for those who feel fear of heights and have parents and children.

Determine Aspect

Direction toward the condominium unit is not less important aspect to consider in regards to the position because each side has a different uniqueness. For example, the units facing the east and south have a view in the form of the city skyline, whilst the units on the west side lead to the pool, and the units in the south are facing the garden. Most likely, the price of each unit can also be varied though it is located on the same floor.