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Show Your Emotion With Emoji Face Condoms

A condom is a contraceptive most easily found in the market. Many people prefer to use contraception is because it is said to be practical and easily available. However, there are some advantages and disadvantages of the use of condoms. The advantage of using a condom that you can feel is, the condom is effective as a contraceptive. As mentioned earlier, the availability of which is fairly easy, making many people choose condoms as a contraceptive practical. You also simply use a condom when having sex, without the need to continue to use it throughout the day, unlike other forms of contraception and birth control. In addition, condoms can help protect you from sexually transmitted infections including HIV. The lubricant on the condom-based oil or body lotion cannot be used on a condom that has a latex material as it can dissolve in water and cause latex condoms porous. You could add some fun to your sexual activity with using emoji face condoms.

You could get emoji face condoms in Rip n Roll online store you just need to visit the website of this store to get the emoji condoms that available in 12 emoji face. With the right emoji, you could show your partner the mood that you are in. Emoji is the same form of communication with words, according to a recent study. Researchers argue, based on the selection of “smiles” we can guess someone’s personality and a kind person, it turns out, are more prone to use emoji. Emoji increasingly similar to body cues such as facial expressions and hand gestures. A wink or a girl dancing emoji may be just as important as raising an eyebrow gestures and smiles shyly, in understanding the intention of the speaker and their personalities. Although sometimes used emoji reduce ambiguity sending messages, emoji can actually be used to convey the tone of voice is lost in the era of digital communication. They may even consider emoji as “the most accurate form of emotion.” Now, you could give the accurate form of emotion with the emoji face condoms without worrying that your partner will take it the wrong way.