What to Know about Author Rank and SEO in the Future

Currently and in the days to come, Author Rank will be a very important factor in SEO. When you use SEO services like, the Jasa SEO Jakarta, to help you increase the rank of your website, if you want content on the website or blog you get the attention of search engine Google, the Author Rank either would be very helpful. This is a new way to improve the Authority a domain, not like the old days were very concerned about the number of backlinks.

Some people misinterpret about Author Rank. They think that if they keep adding their Author Rank in the circles of Google plus of others, then their Author Ranks will be better. There are even some people who make a lot of accounts “Fake” on Google plus and then enter the main account into the fake account’ circle earlier. They think it will affect the Author Rank. Not like that. The Author Rank is more to the quality content on a particular niche, and also the involvement of other people with you.